Introducing: Santalum

Not all things are created equal. Sometimes, the most pleasant surprises come from the least expected places…Case in point? Santalum.

Traditionally, quality footwear is associated with countries with strong roots and history in the industry such as Italy, UK, Portugal or Spain, but as experience has shown us more than once, there are other players to be reckoned with. This is just the case with Indonesian based footwear brand Santalum…While at first it might seem uncanny to think that Jakarta would become renowned for its shoemaking, the truth is Santalum is home to some of the most skilled craftsmen and artisans I’ve seen at work to this day (the video speaks for itself). Production is limited as each pair is entirely handmade, making them unique and embodying the brand’s passion for a trademark vintage aesthetic reminiscent of the 50s and 60s.

Resorting only to premium hides and materials, as well as high-end manufacturing techniques such as hand-stitched Goodyear-Welt construction, quality is ever-present throughout their offerings. These tan rough-out oxford “boots” are the first addition to my never ending footwear collection and I must say I’m really impressed. I love the bulkier last and the brushed tan bull hide, not to mention the construction with hand-stitched goodyear-welted rubber soles and double row stitching. Other details include contrast dark brown leather laces, leather lining on toe and heel and vegetable tanned leather insoles. 

PS: Santalum is now available in Europe thanks to my good friend and footwear aficionado Filipe Moreira, so if you’re interested drop him an email at